The Emergco Design and Engineering Department is consistently whiteboarding new ideas and pushing concepts into products that fill gaps identified in the market. We listen to our customers and actively seek out new opportunities to provide solutions. Depending on our target market, we push these products through the certification process to acquire AML STCs or other certification for tighter turnaround times.

In recent years, we have been developing vertical reference systems and external load systems.

The Emergco Bubble Window Door (BWD) and Cargo Mirror System (CMS) are turnkey solutions for operators performing multi-mission vertical reference operations.


The BWD is designed to replace the OEM doors without modifying the rotorcraft. The existing door is removed at the hinges and our BWD is installed to enable the pilot to look directly below at the load. It is comprised of composites to ensure it is light-weight and exceeds strength requirements. It has a simple armrest design for added comfort and a viewing port to improve the line-of-sight in adverse conditions. This solution is ideal for all environments and operations including off-shore work.

Cargo Mirror System (ISOMETRIC)


The CMS is designed to tie into the OEM Emergency Flotation Gear hardpoints on the rotorcraft. With minimal modification to the rotorcraft, it is quickly installed to enable the pilot to look indirectly below at the load. The attachment points and structural members create a stiff assembly preventing typical issues arising from vibration. The main mirror is actuated and has heating elements operable from inside the cockpit to improve the line-of-sight during colder operations. The auxiliary mirror is adjusted manually to view the underbelly load attachment point.

HEC Hook


The hooks are designed and certified for either HEC or NHEC operations. The limitations are specified at the point of sale based on the type of operation intended. The hook is incorporated in our rotorcraft interface systems (BB/HEC or NHEC Hook – Belly Band/Hook system, PM/NHEC or HEC Hook – Permanent Mount/Hook System). The two hooks under development feature single-point or dual-point mounts, a release indicator, a manual release knob, and a slide lock. The design has been iterated several times to significantly reduce the release force enabling multiple release methods including hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, or a combination of these. 

Beyond their functionally, these products have stayed true to our core values: safe, reliable, innovative, customer-oriented, aesthetic, and environmentally conscious.