Emergco Aerospace Ltd.

Emergco provides OEM training with the HETS™ system for customers and third parties. Training courses are designed for dedicated airborne response personnel, mountain and wilderness rescue personnel, and others who work in inaccessible environments for organizations that have identified that a helicopter is required to be part of the evacuation response or work access “toolkit”.

Our courses provide technical training for both pilots and non-pilot aircrew members, and cover general helicopter operations and safety, emplaning & deplaning (hover entry/exit) and all levels of Helicopter Class D Fixed Line operations for airborne response and access. They are designed to train students to operate as integrated aircrew members of an airborne response team or work access operation.

Emergco OEM training meets the operational and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) requirements approved by various civil aviation authorities for the HETS™ system. Our highly experienced training staff includes Approved Check Pilots and HEC Technicians with thousands of missions of operational and training experience.

Following training, students will be issued a certificate by Emergco demonstrating their proficiency in HEC operations.

Training is designed to meet the requirements of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), Commercial Air Service Standards (CASS), Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) Best Practices, EU OPS and FARs.