Choosing a Human External Cargo system to add to your organization’s helicopter toolkit can be a challenging undertaking – how do you balance budget constraints with safety, reliability, and mission/aircraft flexibility? Many systems are certified for limited aircraft types and require a specific aircraft to be modified to carry the system, increasing cost and limiting youroptions if that aircraft is not available on short notice.

Emergco’s HETS™ system is built to eliminate this type of difficult decision. Conceived as a fully modular system, HETS™ is built with low total cost of ownership (TCO), mission flexibility, and expandability as key focus areas. All systems can be quickly installed without aircraft modification and are designed to be interchangeable should aircraft availability or mission requirements change.

HETS™ is currently certified for the world’s most popular light and intermediate helicopter families: the Airbus AS350/355, Bell 206/206L/407, and MD500 series. Certification for other models is underway to further expand the system’s functionality.

With an array of aircraft mounting & release options, line configurations, and compatible custom-built Personnel Carrying Devices and harnesses, the HETS™ system can be tailored to your job whether your mission is rescue, work access, tactical or other specialty ops.

Emergco’s HETS™ equipment is fully certified to aviation standards, proven over decades in service, and used around the world by premier organizations such as Parks Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Japan Coast Guard, Search & Rescue teams, and electrical utility companies.

When it hangs in the balance, trust HETS™