HEC Hook

The Emergco Remote Safety Hook (RSH) assembly has been designed to be installed as an addition to HETS for the carriage of human external loads extending below a helicopter’s landing gear. The RSH installation incorporates a remote quick-release unit operated by the pilot or by a designated flight crew member in a dual-hook configuration with the helicopter’s main cargo hook. It enables external loads carried by the HETS attachment assembly to be quickly and safely released from the helicopter in the event of an emergency, such as snagging of the load suspension line around an object on the ground.

The RSH and its remote quick-release unit are designed for maximum reliability and to prevent inadvertent load release by any means from the helicopter; it incorporates a release arm and safety lock. It requires that both of these sub-assemblies be in the open or unlocked position to enable the remote safety hook’s load beam to open and release the external load from the helicopter. The remote safety hook’s release arm and safety lock are activated by the remote quick-release unit installed in the helicopter’s cockpit. The two units are connected by hydraulic control hoses.

The remote quick-release unit incorporates a hydraulic master cylinder and a double control lever system—a safety lever and a release lever. The safety lever needs to be pulled up to a position of a minimum of 30 degrees from the horizontal to unlock the remote safety hook’s safety lock and before the release lever can be pulled up to release the remote safety hooks release arm. This release design meets the requirement for sequential dual actuation (device requiring two distinct actions) of the remote quick release to enable external load release from the helicopter.

The RSH is housed within two aluminum side plates and spacer bolted together. The internal components are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel (304/316), and the load-bearing components are manufactured from high-strength corrosion-resistant stainless steel (17-4PH).


    Provides backup independent release mechanism to pilot, no additional crew required


    Hydraulic unit requires no aircraft rewiring or modification, installs in minutes


    Release requires separate independent activation of safety lever