Belly Bands

The HETS Belly Band assembly is designed to back up a helicopter’s cargo hook and provide a redundant load path when carrying a human load. With HETS, the chance of an inadvertent release is extremely remote.

HETS has two alternative configurations: either a belly band with an integrated quick-release system using a dual-activation device (Configuration A), or a fixed-mount remote safety hook (Configuration B, see here).

The Configuration A belly band is positioned aft of the pilot between the front and rear seats passing through the doors and encircling the lower fuselage, with a load attachment point on the belly band located directly beneath the helicopter. A Y-lanyard is used to connect between the belly band’s load attachment and the helicopter’s cargo hook.

The master attachment point is located at the junction of the two legs of the Y-lanyard, which come together at a 120 degree angle. The human load is suspended from the MAP on a load line suspension assembly, which can consist of a main load line alone or a combination of a main load line and auxiliary load line where extra length is needed.

The human cargo is attached to the end of the load line using a Personnel-Carrying Device System (PCDS).


Assembled into the belly band is an integrated quick release that uses a Capewell lanyard-type parachute canopy release – a quick-release device requiring two distinct actions. Dual activation of the unit entails lifting of the built-in safety cover prior to pulling on the lanyard to activate its quick-release assembly. It requires between 15 to 25 lb of force to release a load of 5,000 lb.

Each unit is subjected to a 5,000 lb static pull test and its ultimate tensile strength is 8,500 lb. The unit is constructed of drop-forged steel and is cadmium plated for increased corrosion resistance


    Available for Airbus AS350/355, Bell 206B/206L/407, MD500


    Built to aeronautical standards with a Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate


    Low-cost option for helicopter Human External Cargo


  • Lowest cost approved method of equipping your helicopter for HEC
  • Integrated Quick Release (IQR) primary quick release system (PQRS) and backup quick release system (BQRS) operated by 2nd crewperson in rear cabin
  • Fully certified and approved to aeronautical standards


  • Constructed of low-stretch polyester webbing material with a tensile strength of 10,000 lb
  • Drop-forged steel auto-locking snap-link at one end and a drop-forged steel D-ring at the other end
  • Capewell release built into Integrated Quick Release (IQR)