Aerial Rescue Platform

The Aerial Rescue Platform (ARP) is a multi-purpose patient evacuation bag providing complete protection from the elements, and is designed for use with an approved hoist or as part of Emergco’s Helicopter External Transport System (HETS) fixed line system.

The ARP is large enough inside to accommodate a litter basket or Stokes stretcher, but is lightweight and rolls up for storage in its own stuff bag. Constructed of laminated
heavy water-resistant Cordura® fabric and lined with urethane-coated nylon, the ARP is supported by four continuous nylon cross straps connected to an eight-strap bridle
suspension system (four straps per side) with each side terminating in a D-ring. The two D-rings are connected together to the master attachment point on the hoist or HETS load line. The ARP is equipped with a zip-out bottom panel for easy replacement and more cost effective repair.


    Time-proven solution from the industry leader in HETS equipment.


    Fully approved & manufactured to aeronautical standards under Transport Canada Approval #96-99.


    Secure attachment point allows attendant to accompany the ARP while in flight and zippered access allows attendant to administer medical aid during transport.


  • Four holding straps on each side to accommodate patient evacuations by ground personnel.
  • Zippered equipment pouch allows medical supplies or other materials to accompany the patient.
  • Constructed of heavy water-resistant nylon to provide complete protection from the elements.


  • Laminated 500/1000 denier Cordura and 420 denier urethane-coated nylon liner
  • MIL-W-4088 nylon webbing main load-bearing straps, suspension bridle, and attachment strap
  • Constructed of heavy water-resistant nylon to provide complete protection from the elements.
  • Drop-forged alloy steel D-rings
  • Zip-out bottom panel for easy and low-cost replacement during overhaul
  • 316 stainless steel adjusters
  • Aluminium alloy internal restraint quick release buckles