Emergco Aerospace Ltd.

Emergco Aerospace Ltd. is a Canadian company that is part of the Emergco Group.

The Emergco Group is comprised of the following entities:

  • Emergco Aerospace Ltd. (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Emergco Aerospace NA, Inc. (Washington, USA)
  • Aerial Rescue Solutions Inc. (Alberta, Canada)
  • Emergco Global Aerotech Solutions Inc. (British Columbia, Canada)

Founded in 1995, we have become a global leader in creating innovative techniques and equipment for NHEC load operations and HEC load operations on light to heavy category helicopters. We manufacture and distribute a variety of soft-good and hard-good products for emergency responders and for the British Columbia film industry.

We are an agile small business with strategic growth plans. We value our people, and our achievements are reached as a team. We are talented detail-oriented innovators. We thrive on collaboration, accountability, and proactivity.

Our people have many years of airborne operational experience in rescue, tactical, wildland firefighting, and work access operations. This combined with our extensive soft-goods and hard-goods design, engineering and manufacturing competences makes us an aviation solutions leader in our industry. The Emergco Group and its subsidiary companies hold several Transport Canada Civil Aviation issued STCs for HEC systems. Emergco Aerospace Ltd. is a Transport Canada Approved Organization for the manufacturing and certification of aeronautical products and an Approved Maintenance Organization under TC Approval number 96-99.